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Texas Varmint Hunt --- $500 per hunter per day plus guide fees

Two hunters per guide. There is an additional guide fee of $250 per day per group or one-on-one guiding is available at the rate of $250 per guide per day.  Combine this hunt with dove and duck hunting (when available during those respective seasons) at no additional charge.  Includes unlimited hog shooting.

Coyotes and other predators can be found on the entire 165,000 acres of Pitchfork Ranch hunting property. Your guide will call the predators to short range. As with all of our wildlife, our predators have experienced no hunting pressure.  These are exciting hunts. Lodging and meals are provided on multi-day hunts.  Ranch transportation is included.  No closed season and no bag limits. You may book your hunt for any time during the year.

Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for a detailed description of our operation.

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