Terms and Conditions

What else is included in these hunts?

We provide transportation while on the hunting property.  We do not provide transportation to and from any airport.

Southwest, Delta, and Continental currently service Lubbock International Airport located approx. 1.5 hours from Pitchfork Ranch headquarters.  Rental car facilities are near the airport with free shuttle service.

For the deer hunter, we will dress, quarter and cape your trophy.  Small soft-sided coolers are available for transporting the cape.  Hunters must provide their own large cooler for meat.  For the quail hunter, we clean and package your birds in Ziploc freezer bags and provide a soft-sided cooler for transport. 

All hunters will receive an embroidered Mesquite Country Outfitters cap.

What is required to book a hunt with Mesquite Country Outfitters?

We require a deposit equivalent to 1/2 of the total amount due for the hunt. This deposit may be made by check and is due at the time of booking the hunt. This deposit is non-refundable within 90 days of the hunt. The remainder of the total amount due must be paid by date indicated by contract and before arrival in cash, money order, or company check. No personal checks will be accepted. We will do our best to work with you if something unexpected happens causing you not to be able to make a scheduled hunt. We want you to be happy with your decision to choose Mesquite Country Outfitters.

All hunters are required to sign a written contract/waiver. We do not allow smoking on any hunting property, in any of our hunting lodges, or in any vehicle owned by Mesquite Country Outfitters.  Smoking is allowed outside of the hunting lodge area.   Alcoholic beverages are allowed at the hunting lodge only after the completion of each day's hunt and not on hunting property or in any vehicle owned by Mesquite Country Outfitters.  A copy of this simple written contract is available upon request.

All hunters are required to possess a valid Texas hunting license including any required stamps (archery, turkey, migratory waterfowl, etc.). All hunters born after September 1, 1971 must have successfully completed a Hunter's Education Training Course. Exception: Hunters age 16 and under can legally hunt without HETC if they are accompanied by a licensed hunter age 17 or older. There are not many places to purchase licenses in our service area. For this reason we strongly suggest that you make arrangements for a license and HETC well in advance of your arrival. You may purchase the license using VISA or MasterCard by contacting Texas Parks and Wildlife at (800) 895-4248 or online at  www.tpwd.state.tx.us/business/licenses/ .

Why should you book your hunt with Mesquite Country Outfitters?

First, our hunting property is among the best in Texas. This nine county area holds good numbers of mature animals that have had little or no hunting pressure. We have implemented intensive game management on the Pitchfork Ranch and some of the other properties we manage. 

Our guides spend hundreds of hours in the field each year. They are skilled in bowhunting as well as hunting with a rifle. They will make your hunt one to remember. Whether you are a trophy hunter or a hunter who simply likes to see lots of wildlife, you will be impressed with their professionalism. They will structure your hunt to fit your request (stand hunting, stalking, hunt all day, hunt only early and late, etc.). Be sure to bring your camera!

Finally, we are totally committed to providing you with an outstanding outdoors experience. Our meals are excellent and accommodations are comfortable. We are a family oriented business and we will gladly do our best to accommodate your friends or family should they come along. Non-hunting guests are welcome and may stay at the lodge with meals included for $200 per person per day.  We welcome handicapped hunters and, although we have no handicapped facilities yet, we will do our darndest to make their hunt enjoyable.

Our hunters are happy with the warm and courteous atmosphere provided.  We listen to what our guests say and do our best to implement any reasonable suggestion. We will gladly provide references if you desire.

Please contact us for more information on a specific hunt or leasing hunting acreage. Be sure to check out our web site for photos and hunt availability.

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P.O. Box 1095
Idalou, TX  79329
(806) 407-8808 Mobile
(866) 389-2477  FAX
(806) 407-8807 Ruthie's Mobile
(806) 596-4685  Hunting Lodge
e-mail:     james@mcohunts.com
Internet:     www.mcohunts.com

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