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Hunting property and acreage for lease.

All property is located in northwest Texas approx. 1.5 hours north of Abilene and 1.25 hours east of Lubbock on the legendary 165,000-acre Pitchfork Ranch near Guthrie, Texas.  Please read this page carefully before contacting us regarding a lease.

Please, serious inquiries only.  We are looking for serious trophy deer and quail hunters that will only harvest mature trophy deer and conservatively harvest wild quail and other game species.  We will gladly provide references.  These are great pastures on a special ranch!!!!

Currently available as of Wednesday August 22, 2018:

No Lease Spots Are Currently Available on Pitchfork Ranch


We have Texas hunting acreage for lease varying in size from a few hundred acres to several thousand acres.  Most of these properties contain good populations of deer, turkey, quail, dove, wild hogs, and varmints.  Some of these properties also have waterfowl and fishing.  The cost of lease is $6-10 per acre.  We strictly limit the number of hunters on each lease (generally 1 WT or MD buck permit per 800-1000 acres on larger properties).  We require hunters to regularly submit forms indicating the type and number of game animals harvested.  We generally use the game limits imposed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department unless environmental conditions or game counts restrict our harvests to a lesser number.   These are quality hunting properties.

We require hunters to sign a contract which clearly outlines their rights on the hunting property.  The annual lease contract runs from August 1 through June 30 of the following year.  Hunters may use their own feeders and stands.  We will provide food plots on certain properties.  We strongly encourage all interested parties to visit for a free tour of the available hunting acreage.  We also encourage you to organize groups of your own acquaintance for leasing large sections of ranch land.   This will help you to avoid any possible conflicts with other hunters in the area since some individual pastures may be 5000 acres or more in size.

Please visit the Terms and Conditions page for a detailed description of additional services provided. 

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