The following are items unique to our area offered by local authors and craftsmen.   Please contact these folks if you are interested in their works.

Dee Shipman Vol 1.jpg (18794 bytes)Texas Trapper
Barbara Stephenson, HCR 1 Box 4A, Afton TX 79220  (806) 689-2262
114 pages
$12.50 plus S&H

Dee Shipman was a trapper for the Animal Damage Control Program for 33 years.  Dee shares a lifetime of personal experiences in this, his first of two books in the Texas Trapper series.  Dee provides a very interesting account of his introduction to trapping predators as a young boy, his experiences in World War II, and the events that led him into a career of trapping.  He provides truly unique insight into this very important part of Texas history.  Please contact Dee at the address or phone number shown.



Dee Shipman Vol 2.jpg (15122 bytes)Techniques of Trapping
Barbara Stephenson, HCR 1 Box 4A, Afton TX 79220  (806) 689-2262
100 pages
$12.50 plus S&H

In this volume of the Texas Trapper series Dee thoroughly discusses the fine art of trapping predators.  He explains how to properly use snares, traps, getters, M44's, and other tools of the trade.  He then reviews the finer points of calling and den hunting.  Dee includes detailed bait recipes that you definitely will not find in a Betty Crocker cookbook.  As with Texas Trapping, this volume includes Dee's unique account of many of his experiences with the Animal Damage Control Program.  Please contact Dee at the address or phone number shown



traps and dee.jpg (90655 bytes)Bear Traps
Barbara Stephenson, HCR 1 Box 4A, Afton TX 79220  (806) 689-2262

Dee is kneeling next to two of the steel bear traps for sale.  These traps are truly a collector's item.  He has two sizes and both old and new traps.  One is approximately 3 ft. long, weighs 25 pounds, and has a 12" diameter when set.  Call for pricing.  The other is approximately 4 ft. long, weighs 50 pounds, has a 16" diameter when set, and takes about 325 pounds of force to set.  Call for pricing.  These traps (or ones similar) were used to control problem grizzly and black bears.  The bear traps are fully functional and not replicas.  Please contact Dee at the address or phone number shown.





The Handmade Knives of Phillip Hill.  Click here for detailed information.
Phillip Hill, P.O. Box 1417, Idalou TX 79329,(806) 842-3919,

phillip.jpg (159918 bytes)all knives.jpg (140110 bytes)Phillip Hill has been making hunting knives for 18 to 20 years.  He poses in this photo with his new shop assistant Lori Darlin'.  Most of his earlier knives were made only as gifts to family and friends.  His unique knive blades are machined from buzz saw and saw mill blades, buggy springs, and horseshoe rasps.  Phillip uses deer and elk horn, heart of mesquite trees, and occasionally black walnut as handle material.   In making his character-filled hunting knives Phillip strives for three things:   (1)  Make a knife that will get sharp and keep its edge.  (2)  Make a knife that is well balanced.  An unbalanced knife does not handle or cut well.   (3)  Make each knife have its own unique look.  No two knives are exactly alike.  For instance, if the blade metal is pitted before machining then it will have slight pitting when finished.  Handles often have natural abnormalities in them as well.

Phillip also makes custom leather sheaths from saddle leather.  These sheaths can be plain, basketweave-stranded, and have your initials tooled on them.  Please click here for detailed photos and descriptions of all of Phillip's products. 


Visit the General Store at the Pitchfork Ranch web site.



Mesquite Country Outfitters
P.O. Box 1095
Idalou, TX  79329

(806) 407-8808 Mobile
(866) 389-2477 FAX
(806) 348-0387 Cellular
(806) 596-4685 Hunting Lodge

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