A Few 1998-99 Photos
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Click for enlarged view.Terry Trahan -  Houma, La.  This outstanding 8 pointer grossed   137 7/8  Boone & Crockett points.  The trophy sported main beams in excess of 23" and an inside spread of 21.5".  The buck was spotted at a distance approaching one mile.  A "hunter's sprint" was necessary to get to a position to make the 160 yard shot across a deep drainage.


Click for enlarged view.Brandon Trahan -  Houma, La  .  This 9 point buck was shot at less than 2 yards while charging.  We all were a bit excited!!



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  John Conti, Grosse Pointe, MI  .  This excellent 8 pointer grossed 135 B&C points while sporting 22" main beams, a 20" inside spread, and G-2's over 10" long.  A stalk through noisy under brush eventually produced a 180 yard uphill shot.



Click for enlarged view.One of our guides, Chris Parks, posing with the 10 pointer he put his hunter on earlier that morning.  The buck grossed 132 B&C points including a 20" inside spread and good mass.  The buck weighed 225 pounds.  Chris and his hunter stalked within 75 yards of the trophy.



Click for enlarged view.John Conti, Grosse Pointe, MI  .  These two Rio Grande gobblers were shot at 8 and 43 yards respectively.  The birds weighed approximately 20 pounds each.  John picked his birds from a flock of over 60 that was approaching his ground blind.



Click for enlarged view.Ryan Dorak, Sobieski, WI on the far left and his guide.  This outstanding 9 pointer grossed 140+ B&C points while sporting 23" main beams, a 21.5" inside spread, and bases approaching 5".  An exciting stalk placed the hunter within 30 yards of his trophy before eventually producing an unobstructed 75 yard shot.


jakes fighting.jpg (3602 bytes)A series of photos of jakes fighting during the first week of January.  These two jakes fought for 20 minutes before exhaustion set in.  They continued to peck at each other as they walked through the pasture.


Bruces locked bucks low.jpg (3160 bytes)Bruce Ferguson, Farm Camp manager and one of our guides, pictured with two bucks whose antlers are locked.  Bruce found these two bucks one morning in January.  The buck on the left, a seven pointer, was still alive.  He was dragging the upper torso of the buck on the right, a ten pointer.  The 10 pointer had been eaten up to the front shoulders by coyotes.  The 7 pointer was emaciated and it appeared that the two deer had been connected for some time.


elmo 1 low.jpg (2776 bytes)Elmo Adams, ranch employee and hog trapper extraordinaire, and one of the 100+ wild boar he has trapped since August 1998.  Elmo knows hogs!



George McPhillips Greg Holmes turkey low.jpg (3574 bytes)George McPhillips (left), Winslow, IL., and Greg Holmes, Lena IL., with the Rio Grande gobblers shot the first morning of their hunt.  George shot his first gobbler at appromately 6:30 A.M. and the second at around 8:15 A.M..  Greg finally persuaded a tom to cooperate and shot his long beard at 11:00 A.M..  Greg gets his second gobbler later the same day.  The birds weighed 18-19 pounds and sported beards from 8.5" to 9".


Greg Holmes turkey 2 low.jpg (3574 bytes)Greg Holmes, Lena IL., with his second Rio Grande gobbler shot the first afternoon of his hunt.  This 19+ pound tom was taken only 5 minutes into the afternoon hunt.  Greg worked his slate magic and 27 turkeys came to investigate.   He had difficulty getting the hens, jakes, and other gobblers to move and open up a clear shooting lane at the boss of the flock.  Greg's bird had 1" spurs and a 9" plus beard.


Duane Eilders turkey low.jpg (3073 bytes)Duane Eilders, Lena IL., with his Rio Grande gobbler shot the last afternoon of his hunt.  Duane's bird weighed over 19 pounds and had a beard over 9" long.  He is posing near the large cottonwood roost tree that is approximately 400 yards from where he shot his tom.

Jim Robinson turkey low.jpg (3201 bytes)Jim Robinson, New Albany MS., and guide Bruce Ferguson pose with Jim's 20+ pound gobbler who sported spurs well over 1" and a 9.75" beard.  The bird approached hen and jake decoys while the hunter and guide called from a ground blind.  The shot was approximately 15 yards.



Joe Lyle turkey low.jpg (3206 bytes)Joe Lyle, Jackson TN., and his guide Josh McCasland pose with his first Rio Grande gobbler shot the first morning  of his hunt.  The bird was strutting near decoys when Joe made a perfect 20 yard shot.  The tom weighed over 19 pounds and had a 9.5" beard.



Jim Maddox and friends turkey low.jpg (3231 bytes)Front (left to right):  Jim Maddox, Memphis TN., Rod Maddox, Memphis TN, and Joe Lyle, Jackson, TN., pose with gobblers taken the second morning of their hunt.  Jim's gobbler weighed approximately 21 pounds, had 1.25" spurs, and sported a 10.625" beard.  Rod and Joe's birds are their seconds and each weighed around 19 pounds with 9.5" beards.   They are shown with their guides Josh McCasland (back left) and Chris Parks (back right).

Rod Maddox turkey low.jpg (3507 bytes)Rod Maddox, Memphis TN., and his first gobbler taken the first afternoon of his hunt.  The bird weighed 19.5 pounds and had a 9.5" beard.  Rod is posing near a pasture where more than 240 turkeys were roosting during the fall and winter.



More photos on the way as film gets developed!!!!!!!!!!


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