A Few 2000-01 Photos
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Homemade Pecan Pie
Mountain Lion Kill - Small Buck Half Covered in Grass
Feral Hogs
Bill Griffin 157 WT
Ken Murray 162 WT
Hamp McKinnon 145 WT
Fine Shotguns + a Morning's Quail Hunt
Kip Reuter and Friends go Quail Hunting
Steve Thompson 150 WT
Robert Murray 137 WT
Bob Landis 150 Muley
Dewey Griffith 138 WT
Golden Eagle
Daniel Clara and Friends during Quail Hunt
Gerald Whitehouse 131 WT
John Shaw and Friends go Quail Hunting
Rick Griffith 143 WT
Russ Daniel 132 WT
Ice and Snow at Sunrise
Sleeping Eagle and Ice
Bob Stuber 137 WT


More photos on the way as film gets developed!!!!!!!!!!


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