Available Quail Hunting Dates

The Pitchfork Ranch, like most of Texas, has been blessed with very good rainfall.  Excellent nesting conditions have produced good quail numbers and we are offering hunts.  Quail hunting for the 2015-16 season is good (6.5 out of 10 scale)

Please check often for cancellations.  Please email/text and confirm availability. 

Are you a single hunter looking for hunting partners?  If so please visit our single hunter page for contact information.

Please click the your browser's refresh button to assure that you are viewing the most current available dates.  Occasionally a block of dates that was once filled will open again due to a cancellation.  Dates marked as "pending reservation" may have open spaces in the next couple of weeks.

This page was updated Thursday, January 21, 2016.

Please call or text  James at (806) 407-8808 mobile or email james@mcohunts.com to confirm hunt availability. 

Only actual hunting dates are shown.  All guests are encouraged to arrive between 5:00P.M. and 7:00P.M. CST the night before their hunt begins.  Hunters should plan to depart no later than 9:00A.M. CST the morning after their last day of hunting.  Our lodge is most comfortable with approximately 9 hunters but we can sleep up to 13.


Date Number of Hunters
30-Oct Fri None
31-Oct Sat None
1-Nov Sun None
2-Nov Mon None
3-Nov Tue None
4-Nov Wed None
5-Nov Thu None
6-Nov Fri None
7-Nov Sat 3 or 6 hunters
8-Nov Sun 3 or 6 hunters
9-Nov Mon 3 or 6 hunters
10-Nov Tue 3 or 6 hunters
11-Nov Wed 3 or 6 hunters
12-Nov Thu 3 or 6 hunters
13-Nov Fri 3 hunters
14-Nov Sat 3 hunters
15-Nov Sun 3 hunters
16-Nov Mon 3 or 6 hunters
17-Nov Tue 3 or 6 hunters
18-Nov Wed None
19-Nov Thu 3 hunters
20-Nov Fri 3 hunters
21-Nov Sat 3 or 6 hunters
22-Nov Sun 3 or 6 hunters
23-Nov Mon 3 or 6 hunters
24-Nov Tue 3 or 6 hunters
25-Nov Wed None
26-Nov Thu None
27-Nov Fri None
28-Nov Sat 3 or 6 hunters
29-Nov Sun 3 or 6 hunters
30-Nov Mon 3 or 6 hunters
1-Dec Tue None
2-Dec Wed None
3-Dec Thu None
4-Dec Fri None
5-Dec Sat None
6-Dec Sun None
7-Dec Mon None
8-Dec Tue None
9-Dec Wed 3 hunters
10-Dec Thu 3 hunters
11-Dec Fri None
12-Dec Sat None
13-Dec Sun None
14-Dec Mon None
15-Dec Tue None
16-Dec Wed None
17-Dec Thu None
18-Dec Fri None
19-Dec Sat None
20-Dec Sun None
21-Dec Mon None
22-Dec Tue None
23-Dec Wed None
24-Dec Thu None
25-Dec Fri None
26-Dec Sat None
27-Dec Sun None
28-Dec Mon None
29-Dec Tue None
30-Dec Wed None
31-Dec Thu None
1-Jan Fri None
2-Jan Sat None
3-Jan Sun None
4-Jan Mon None
5-Jan Tue None
6-Jan Wed None
7-Jan Thu None
8-Jan Fri None
9-Jan Sat None
10-Jan Sun None
11-Jan Mon None
12-Jan Tue None
13-Jan Wed None
14-Jan Thu None
15-Jan Fri None
16-Jan Sat None
17-Jan Sun None
18-Jan Mon None
19-Jan Tue None
20-Jan Wed None
21-Jan Thu None
22-Jan Fri None
23-Jan Sat None
24-Jan Sun None
25-Jan Mon None
26-Jan Tue None
27-Jan Wed None
28-Jan Thu None
29-Jan Fri None
30-Jan Sat None
31-Jan Sun None
1-Feb Mon None
2-Feb Tue None
3-Feb Wed None
4-Feb Thu None
5-Feb Fri None
6-Feb Sat None
7-Feb Sun None
8-Feb Mon None
9-Feb Tue None
10-Feb Wed None
11-Feb Thu None
12-Feb Fri None
13-Feb Sat None
14-Feb Sun None
15-Feb Mon None
16-Feb Tue None
17-Feb Wed None
18-Feb Thu None
19-Feb Fri None
20-Feb Sat None
21-Feb Sun None
22-Feb Mon None
23-Feb Tue None
24-Feb Wed None
25-Feb Thu None
26-Feb Fri None
27-Feb Sat None
28-Feb Sun None