A Few 2020-21 Photos

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The Pitchfork Ranch is 100% low-fenced.  All guided rifle trophy deer hunts are spot-and-stalk.  This is a real hunting adventure.  All quail and other game birds are 100% wild.  No pen-raised critters here!!!!

The ranch is in a terrible extended drought.  However spring and early summer rains seem to have allowed pretty good antler development.  Quail numbers are very low and we only have a few pockets of birds.

David Karvis 165WT, 11 points (lease pasture)
Sam Garcia 148WT, 13 points (lease pasture)
Taylor Fall 169WT, 14 points (lease pasture)
Greg Helfrich 139WT, 10 points (lease pasture)
Brock Nelson 148WT, 10 points (lease pasture)
Lawson Peel 148WT, 10 points (lease pasture)
John Brogan 155WT, 10 points, 8" G4
Mike Hall 143WT, 9 points, 22.75" inside
Oscar Espinoza 155WT, 9 points + 1 extra, 5" bases
Lee Talbot 155WT, 12 points, 24" main beam
Brady Nelson 138WT, 10 points (lease pasture)


More photos on the way!!!!!!!!!


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