A Few 2017-18 Photos

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The Pitchfork Ranch is 100% low-fenced.  All rifle trophy deer hunts are spot-and-stalk.  This is a real hunting adventure.  All quail and other game birds are 100% wild.  No pen-raised critters here!!!!

Quail numbers are down from last season's record numbers.  Coveys are smaller.  Still decent hunting.  Extremely hot and dry conditions are frustrating the guides and hunters.  Antler development seems to be down.  Seeing several bucks with broken tines.  Hot weather reducing deer movement.

Sorry if we missed photographing your group.  It wasn't intentional.  If you have a photo that you could send we will gladly post it here.

Kenney morning quail hunt
A successful quail outing - pretty photo
Crider quail group 
Jason Hand 146WT - LEASE PASTURE
This gourd only shows up after dry summer and wet fall
Hunter quail group
Andy Holliday 148WT - 11 total points, double main beams, exciting stalk
David Azar 174WT - Approx 188WT with broken tines restored, 26.5" main beam, 12" G2 and 8" G4s, great mass too, exciting stalk
Glenn Craft 161WT - Glenn leads the wacky antler category, 6 drop tines and 19 total points
Taylor Thach 132WT - 10 points, exciting stalk
Training time for this setter
Guy Brockman 176MD - LEASE PASTURE
Burton Brillhart 145WT - 8 points plus 6 extras, exciting stalk
Sam Garcia 146WT - LEASE PASTURE
Kyle Mills 147WT - 9 points, good mass and tine length
Chris Mills 136WT - 10 points, rattled in
David Myhan 144WT - 11 points, good mass, exciting stalk
Clay Evans 127WT - 8 points, good mass
Luz learning the trade - 7 mo old German Shorthair pointer belonging to Mark Holt
Will Craft 154WT - 10 points plus 2 extras, over 37" mass, exciting stalk

More photos on the way!!!!!!!!!


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