A Few 2015-16 Photos

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The Pitchfork Ranch is 100% low-fenced.  All rifle trophy deer hunts are spot-and-stalk.  This is a real hunting adventure.  All quail and other game birds are 100% wild.  No pen-raised critters here!!!!

Good rainfall has quail numbers up and buck antler growth looks good.  The 3-year severe drought has reduced deer numbers but quality is high. Guides finding lots of quail and providing plenty of shooting opportunities.  Ten of the 16 guided trophy whitetail bucks scored 160B&C or higher.  Quail hunters averaging over 28 coveys per day with many folks shooting their limits of birds.  Thank you El Nino.

Sorry if we missed photographing your group.  It wasn't intentional.  If you have a photo that you could send we will gladly post it here.

Kyle Karvas 178MD, 5x5 long G4's (Bow/Lease Pasture)
John Hand 155WT, 9 points plus 5 extras (Bow/Lease Pasture)
Jack Cheatam and Harrison O'Connor show the results of an 18-covey morning
Harrison's painting of a covey of quail loafing on the Pitchfork (posted with Harrison's permission)
Harrison's painting of hunters resting on the Pitchfork (posted with Harrison's permission)
Bryan Connolly 160WT, 10 points plus 2 extras, split brows
Casey Braly pulling rattlesnakes from beneath the old lodge - Yes Casey is a little obsessed with rattlers!!
Nine of the snakes Casey killed in one night (15 total from under lodge) - 27 killed at lodge area since mid-August
Brad Clark 168WT (over 171 w/broken point restored), 10 points plus 3 extras, 20" inside spread, 25" main beams, and lots of mass
Glenn Craft 158WT, 11 points plus 5" drop tine, 19+" inside spread, good mass - Shown with guide Colin Kattner on the left
Will Craft 160WT, 11 points plus 3 extras, G2's over 11", one G3 over 10" - Shown with guide Travis Adams on the left
Andy Holliday 154WT, 10 points plus 1 extra, G3 over 10", 8" G4, good main beams
David Karvas 145WT, 9 points, excellent mass with one base just under 6" (Lease Pasture)
Pretty wide buck posing for the camera at 600 yards
John Nelson 152WT, 8 points plus 2 extras, 13" G2s with over 35" mass, one base 6"
Droptine buck is mad at this tree
Cory Kohutek 208MD, 6x9 with lots of long points and great mass, only 17" inside spread (Lease Pasture - Ranch Record muley)
Cory's MD back view
Cory's MD on tailgate
Danny Cash 160WT, 10 long tines, 25" main beam, good mass with bases over 4.5"
Rex Gillis 150WT (153 w/broken brow restored), 21-3/8" inside spread, 26" main beams
Jason Beck 162WT, 10 points, over 40" mass, 19+" inside spread
Back view of Jason's buck
Aloysius Donovan 136WT, 8 points, inside spread over 22" (Rattled in)
Chris Vansant 150WT, 8 points plus 3 extras, 10+" G2s, 19.5" inside spread
B.T. Steadman 165WT, 10 points, 21.5" inside spread, main beams just under 27" (Rattled in)
Ryan, John, and BT show the results of their 25-covey (45 birds) morning
Jared has this quail in his sights
Blizzard of 2015 - 8" of sleet and 50 mph winds create quite a mess
David, Austin, Chad, and guide Keith crouching in the snow on Dec 28
View from Travis' loader while clearing snow
David Levins 155WT, 10 points plus 1 extra, 21.5" inside spread, 25+" main beam
Chad Levins 172WT, 10 points plus 4 extras, four 11" tines, 26+" main beams whose tips almost touch
Austin Levins coyote in the snow
John, Jack, and Bob Nelson (guide Larry in back) with a lunchtime limit of quail in the snow
Guide Larry, Chafin, and Greg showing part of their morning quail hunt
Golden eagle in the West Clear pasture
Mike Hall 172WT, 10 points plus 5 extras, 13" G2, 20+" inside spread, near 25" main beams
John Brogan 161WT, 12 points, near 25" main beams, 10" tines
Mike and John displaying their trophies
Butch, Wallace, Duncan, Palmer and J.P. about to head home with 150 quail
Arlie and Jay are ready for the next covey
Brandon Hill instructing young Scout on safely shooting a handgun during our youth day
Got 'em nailed
Cunningham group quail hunt - lots of birds that morning
Cargill group quail hunt - Another limit by lunch
Larry and Doug with a limit of quail before lunch
Ryan and Will with a limit of quail before lunch
James, Jim, Dan Bland showing their morning quail hunt
Jim, Will, Jim Maddox Jr with limits of quail before lunch
Mike and Bill standing with their limit of quail before lunch
Mike and Bill posing with Mike's coyote
Shaefer group quail hunt - Limit by lunch
Brad Boone with a song dog
Owl nesting on the roof above guide room
Don, Paul (guide), Todd, and Ron with limit of quail
Ritchie, Paul (guide), and Jerry with limit of quail by lunch

More photos on the way!!!!!!!!!


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