A Few 2011-12 Photos
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The Pitchfork Ranch is 100% low-fenced.  All rifle trophy deer hunts are spot-and-stalk.  This is a real hunting adventure.  All quail and other game birds are 100% wild.  No pen-raised critters here!!!!

Quail numbers are poor.  Overall antler development in below average about 10-12".  We are having to look over lots of bucks to find shooters.

Sorry if we missed photographing your group.  It wasn't intentional.  If you have a photo that you could send we will gladly post it here.

Looking into the "Breaks" after May 7, 2011 fire
Fire through the eyes of a Cuddeback camera
Map showing extent of fire - 71,000 acres
Charlie Massey and guide Travis (left) 169WT, 11 points, 25+" main beams, 11" G2, 9" G4, 4.75" bases
Charlie's buck from behind showing off impressive tine length
Fall colors along the Wichita River in the FA Pasture
Byron Massey and Sam Rose admiring impressive thunderhead Nov. 7, 2011 - Got a nice rain that night
Note the Full Moon shining through the thunderhead on the right side - The photo does NOT capture the magic of the moment
Randle Boyd with his 132WT, 10 points, 19.25" inside spread
Bryan Selden 141WT, 8 points, 4.75" bases, 24" main beams
Steven Daniel 126 WT, 10 points, 17.625" inside spread
Jeff Worthen 120WT, 10 points (photo pending)
Adam Snell 151WT, 10 points plus 3 extras, 5" bases, good mass
Bill Ware 146WT (158WT with broken tines restored as shown), 4.625" bases, 26" main beam, 19+" inside spread
Tony Whittingham 145WT, 10 points, 4.5" bases, nice tine length
Mike Ellis 134WT, 10 points, nice tine length, rattled in
B.T. Steadman 161WT, 11 points plus 2 extras, 4.5" bases, 24" main beams, 4 tines over 10"
Jason Beck 166WT, 10 points + 2 extras, 13" G2, 26+" main beam, 20+"inside spread - Guide Mickie (left)
Austin Levins 142WT, 9 points + 1 extra, 21.5" inside spread - 1" larger than his granddads buck
David Levins 141WT, 9 points + 5 extras, 10.75" G2, 8.5 years old
Jamie Jackson 145WT, 8 points + 2 extras, 8.5" brow tine, 10.5" sticker, 5.5" drop tines
Jamie's buck as viewed from behind (sorry about the blood)

More photos on the way!!!!!!!!!


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