A Few 2007-08 Photos
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Big bucks once again roam the Pitchfork Ranch.  Quail numbers are respectable too.

The Pitchfork Ranch is 100% low-fenced with no protein feeders.  All rifle trophy deer hunts are spot-and-stalk.  This is a real hunting adventure.  All quail and other game birds are 100% wild.  No pen-raised critters here!!!!

Sorry if we missed photographing your group.  It wasn't intentional.  If you have a photo that you could send we will gladly post it here.

Sam Rose 165WT 7x5 plus 6 extra points, 25" main beam, good mass
Rick Hellums 156WT 8 points, 25.875" main beams, 35.25" mass, Ranch Record 8 point buck
Shellie Hellums 155WT 10 points plus 3 extras, 25.5" main beams
Jay Gates 163WT 10 points plus 3 extras, good mass
Mike Westervelt 141WT 10 points, broken tips on all
Jamie Jackson 142WT 12 points, 20.25" inside spread
Dale Williams 153WT 10 points, 12" G2's , long tines
Dave Jackson heavy palmated 8 pointer, broke points/stickers and main beam 2 days prior to shooting
David Robnett 170WT, 12" G2's plus split G2, very long tines
Jimmy Roberts 182WT 12 points plus 3 extras, nearly 42" mass (Ranch Record Mass)
Another photo of Jimmy walking up to his trophy
Tedo Boyce 158WT (162 w/broken tine replaced) 11 points, 13" G2 and long tines
Dave Talton 153MD 5x5, 21.75" inside spread
Evan Talton 153WT 10 points, good mass, 24.25" main beams
Colin Maloney 142WT 10 points, 18.5" inside spread
Dason Maloney 140WT (144 w/broken tines replaced), 10 points, 9.5 years old buck
Chad Levins 164WT 12 points plus extra, long tines, good mass
John Nelson 161WT 12 points plus 2 extras, 5.75" sticker, 25.5" main beam
Bob Nelson 150WT 9 points plus split G2, 21" inside spread, 8.5 years old
Mark Baumeister 142WT 9 points, 22.75" inside spread, 24.5" main beams
Rocky Senatore 166WT 11 points, 24.5" main beams, long tines
Jason Beck 177WT non-typical, 18 points, 21.125" inside spread, very symmetrical for non-typical
Photo of Jason's buck from behind
Charles Beck and guide Les with Charles' 12 point whitetail
Alex Hale 140WT 9 points, 7+" brow tines, coyotes found him before we did
Bob Stuber 158WT 10 points plus 5 extras, over 35" mass, clusters around brow tines

More photos on the way!!!!!!!!!!


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