A Few 2004-05 Photos
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What a year!!!  Abundant rainfall has produced many long-tined bucks and large coveys of quail.  Several bucks grossing over 160 B&C points were taken including the new ranch record typical gross scoring over 186 B&C.  Quail hunters are enjoying lots of shooting while moving well over 20 coveys per group per day.  Once again, what a year!!

The Pitchfork Ranch is 100% low-fenced with no protein feeders.  All rifle trophy deer hunts are spot-and-stalk.  This is a real hunting adventure.  All quail and other game birds are 100% wild.  No pen-raised critters here!!!!

Record year for sunflowers
Tiny snake eating tiny frog (snake was less than 4 inches long)
Shane Rorick - Management whitetail archery
Dan and Shane with archery fall gobbler
Sam Rose's buddies planted this live bullsnake in his toilet.  Snake was released but Sam needed change of clothing.
Andy Cobb and nice hog
Randy, Sam, Andy and Doug with one big hairy hog
Mesquite and sunset after a rain
Rod Williams group quail hunt
Daniel Shuman 142WT, 8 points, 218 pounds
Jamie Jackson 145WT, 11 points
David Karvis 157WT, 9 points
Jay Gates 165WT, 10 points + stickers, 26" main beams, 20" inside spread
Jamie Jackson's group displays the results of their rainy hunt
Berry Broyles group quail hunt
Jake Thompson and dad Steve with Jake's turkey
Jake Thompson and dad Steve with Jake's doe
Bob and Carol Stevens quail hunt
Bill Sanford group quail hunt
Guide Jake Jenkins kisses his dog Earl
Lance Mallicoat 150WT 10 points
Starling Kramer 178WT 11 points, 26.5" main beams, 20" inside spread
Frank Robson group quail hunt
David Dorris 174.25WT 12 points, very long tines and main beams
Bob Stuber 163 Mule Deer 5x5 300+ pounds
Matt Stuber 130WT 11 points
Warren Stuber 161WT 11 points, long tines
Bob Stuber fall gobbler with bow, 10.5" beard, 1.3125" spurs
Ricky Hellums 166WT 11 points, four circumferences over 6", great mass
John Smith Jr., 140 WT 8 points + double drop tines, 21.25" inside spread
Claude Whitehead, Bill Laughinghouse quail hunt
Shaw and Rose group quail hunt
Frank Robson group second quail hunt - 90 birds by early afternoon
Frank, John, Dave with guide Paul and 45 birds before 2PM - 20 coveys in the morning
Guide Larry with Lloyd, John, Ron and 45 birds before 12:50PM - 18 coveys in the morning
Sam Rose 137WT 10 points taken with double rifle and iron sights
Kenny Wallis 155WT (163 w/broken tines replaced as shown) 10 points
Robert Enslen 147WT 8 points, long tines and 25" main beams
James Brooks WT 11 points, unique rack
Todd Blankenship (right) 186WT, 10 points 26" main beams, 20.25" inside spread, massive w/James Brooks (left, Todd's father-in-law)
View of Todd's 186WT from the rear, long tines
Everardo Goyanes group quail hunt
Kevin Cox's 153WT, 10 points, 19+" inside spread.  Shown with guide Bruce Ferguson.  Buck was found after Kevin departed.
Greg Luce group quail hunt
Ron Hart group morning quail hunt - Limits each day
Will Wilson with nice hog
Horses at dawn
Windmill at dawn
Buff Wilson group quail hunt
Kip Reuter group quail hunt
Part of Bob Lewis group quail hunt
Barry Barnett and Cash Kristynik quail hunt
Hunting in sunflowers in January
W.L. Nicholson group quail hunt
Sonny Stallings group quail hunt
John and Bob Nelson quail hunt
Big mule deer buck on Pitchfork Ranch in Jan. 2005
Will, Reid, Buff Wilson morning quail hunt
Will Wilson's big boar - 3" tusks
Gerardo mans fire truck during controlled burn in North Shinnery
Bruce prevents Polaris from tipping over
Clay admires smoke cloud during controlled burn
Sun shining through a pillar of smoke

We have missed several groups for photos.  Sorry.  More photos on the way!!!!!!!!!!


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