A Few 2005-06 Photos
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Once again good rainfall has produced many long-tined bucks and large coveys of quail.  Quail hunters are enjoying lots of shooting while moving well over 30 coveys per group per day.  Big bucks are roaming the Pitchfork once again this year. 

The Pitchfork Ranch is 100% low-fenced with no protein feeders.  All rifle trophy deer hunts are spot-and-stalk.  This is a real hunting adventure.  All quail and other game birds are 100% wild.  No pen-raised critters here!!!!

Sorry if we missed photographing your group.  It wasn't intentional.  If you have a photo that you could send we will gladly post it here.

Sam Rose and one rather large coyote
Randy Wood and Andy Cobb w/couple of their 27 hogs taken during their stay
Mike Pepper 156WT w/10 points and 19.625" inside spread
Mike's buck in fog after running in to rattling horns
Ricky Allen 146WT w/10 points and 5" bases
Glenn Craft 134WT w/8 points and 11" G2's
Kyle Karvas 160WT w/12 points
Pretty sunrise with fog in the mesquites
Bill Sanford group quail hunt
Bob Smith group morning quail hunt
Jamie Jackson 158WT w/10 points and long brow tines
Dale Williams 144WT w/10 points - Photo on the way
Mike Westervelt 162WT w/11 points and very long tines
Jay Gates 162WT w/10 points 20.625" inside spread and great mass
Carol and Bob Stevens quail hunt
Bob Enslen 148WT w/9 points 25.125" inside spread - Ranch record inside spread
Kenny Wallis 156WT w/10 typical points plus 2 split G2's 19.125" inside spread
Kenny Wallis, Bob and Robert Enslen with the last 10 birds of their 45 bird day
Paul with guide Travis and Paul's 140WT w/9 points
Lance Mallicoat and guide Brent and Lance's 167WT w/12 points + 10" brow tine (Ranch record brows)
Ed Turpin 152WT w/10 points and good mass
Bob Stuber 162WT w/10 points and 27.375" main beams (Ranch record main beams)
Shellie Hellums 173WT w/10 points, long main beams and good mass
Rick Hellums 148WT w/9 points and over 35" total mass + 20.375" inside spread
Chris Avery 162WT w/10 points, long main beams, just under 40" mass including a 6.375" circum. (Ranch record circum.)
Jeremy Davis and father Gary with Jeremy's 135WT w/8 points + 20.25" inside spread
Bailey Rorick Management WT - Bailey's first deer
Brandon Rorick Management WT - Brandon's first deer (shown with dad Shane and brother Bailey)
Shane Rorick with a nice boar
Sam Rose 151WT w/10 points plus split G2 and stickers
Pretty sunset in the shinnery Dec. 30
Ford Schwing 135WT w/10 points shown with father Ned.  Ford made a great shot to harvest this buck.


More photos on the way!!!!!!!!!!


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